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Want To Save On Dental Treatments?

With an annual population growth rate of 1.2%, India will overtake China and become the most populated nation in the world by 2030. Growing population is giving rise to a clash, a clash for survival! A common man has to face multiple challenges daily. These challenges have subjugated us so much that we merely think of our health & well being. We only pay attention to it when our bodies refuse to take up anymore and beg to see the doctor. And among all sort of illness, dental problems are catered mostly with medicines prescribed by the Dawai Walas! Consulting a dentist usually ranks last in the priority list, unless it’s an emergency. Unfortunately, we Indians have been like this only. Poor us!

Dental Health Status According to surveys, 60% of the nations population has never visited a dentist in their life time. Around 78% does not believe in seeing a dentist unless they have severe toothache or other major dental issues. Now, with this data in hand, one can only think of two reasons behind this. Either they don’t have any dental problem, which is really hard to believe, or they aren’t aware enough about their dental problems. There might be a third reason too i.e. a fear of being fleeced by the dentist!

You Think Dental Treatments Can Put You In Financial Crisis?

It’s a general notion that dental treatments might cost a fortune. This is somehow associated with lack of awareness for dental health. Unlike general health, dental health is a bit different and people actually need to understand it. People have a very casual approach towards their dental problems. Whenever someone gets a toothache, the first thing he or she does is having a painkiller and forget about the pain until it re-surfaces. Now, it is high time to change this habit. People need to act responsibly towards their health. Almost everyone is known to this fact that popping painkillers and antibiotics are not adequate remedies for toothache, still they practice the same. These remedies can facilitate symptomatic relief but at what cost? Mind it, they can cause severe complications which might burn a hole in your pocket. For example, pain triggered due to tooth decay could be eliminated by a simple inexpensive restoration if it is diagnosed prior to pain. Since the pain has stimulated, either the tooth has to go through root canal treatment or has to be pulled out. Getting a root canal done can cost 10-15 times more than the inexpensive restoration. Further, getting it extracted and replaced by a dental implant can cost 40-50 times more than that inexpensive restoration. Similarly, a crooked smile has the potential of hampering your personality up to an extent where you might have to compromise with your professional dreams. Trust me, it will be an irreparable loss.

The Saving Mantra

I know it is difficult for anyone to spot dental problems at an early stage but they can be easily diagnosed by your dentist and your dentist will save you from any physical pain as well the monetary blow. Getting routine dental check-ups and maintenance treatments done every 3-6 months won’t cost you more than the premium of the health insurance which you pay. But, can certainly benefit you more than those insurances by promising an overall well being. So, make it a habit from now to get periodic dental check-ups done by your dentist and start saving on dental treatments. There is a proverb which snugly fits the scenario - A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE. Rest you are wise enough!

Dr. Parakh Sinha -BDS | The Tooth Doctors

Dr. Parakh Sinha

Chief Dental Consultant

The Tooth Doctors


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