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Effect of Hot and Cold Beverages on Tooth

Do you know your tooth can be sensitive to the temperature of food you are eating?

If you have pain in tooth after eating warm or cold food, it can be due to teeth sensitivity. However, sensitivity cannot occur overnight and is usually caused by poor oral hygiene, wearing off of surface of enamel and cosmetic dentistry.

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In fact, one cannot develop sensitivity to hot food all of a sudden, because of poor oral hygiene first of all sensitivity to cold food particles occur.

So if your teeth start hurting after eating ice-creams, cold coffee, cold water then it is a warning sign for you. If sensitivity to cold stuffs is ignored and left untreated then it follows the pattern and leads to sensitivity due to hot food.

Following are the reason your teeth might be hurting after eating hot or cold food:-

1.BREAKDOWN OF ENAMEL: This can happen because of bad oral hygiene or wear and tear of enamel. When the enamel becomes thin at the gum line, the cementum that covers the root also wears off and it exposes the surface of dentin. Dentin is the inner surface of the tooth which is protected by the enamel. When this inner surface of tooth called dentin comes in contact with hot and cold food it causes a slight pain and a tingling sensation that reaches to the roots of the particular tooth.

2. TOOTH DECAY: Sensitivity because of hot food items can develop at times at certain areas of mouth due to decay in tooth or cavities. If it is untreated, it can cause pain in tooth and sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks.

3. INFECTIONS: Apart from decayed tooth and tooth cavities that exposes the dentinal tubules causing sensitivity, deposition of plaque and calculus also leads redness and swelling of gums which leads to GINGIVITIS and leads to sensitivity.

4. IMPROPER BRUSHING: Vigorous brushing with a toothbrush having hard bristles can lead to wearing off of enamel. Thus, resulting into dentine exposure causing hypersensitivity.

5. DENTAL TREATMENTS: Some of the dental treatments such as tooth whitening or smile make over can erode the enamel and lead to sensitivity of tooth.

6. POOR EATING HABITS: If you are eating foods that are high in acid content then there is possibility that it will lead to the erosion of enamel and lead to sensitivity.

7. BRUXISM: You may not know but you might be grinding your tooth in night. The friction caused due to grinding of tooth can cause the wearing off of enamel leading to the exposure of inner layer of tooth known as dentin resulting to sensitivity of tooth.

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