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Top 10 Travel Tips for Dental Care

Maintaining a good dental and oral care while traveling is much more than packing your toothbrush and toothpaste. While you take care of your overall health, here is the to-do list for the oral health before you hit your next vacation.

tips for dental care during travelling

1. Get a dental check-up done before you leave:- A simple tooth cavity could have been just cured in time if you visit the dentist before you start your vacation, or it might be too late when you return back and the simple cavity had progressed into a deep one which then required a RCT. A stich in time saves nine !

2. Pack Properly:- The packing bag should have enough space for air circulation and must be contamination-free. Carry an extra toothbrush, tongue cleaner, tissues and a small bottle of mouthwash. A reel of floss and an interdental brush (substituting toothpicks) should also be there.

Travel Tips for Dental Care travelling

3. Keep it dry:- Let your toothbrush and tongue cleaner dry before you pack them. The moisture helps in retaining the bacteria.

4. Did you run out of toothpaste? :- Have you forgotten your toothpaste or ran out of it and cannot find one while traveling? Don’t let it stop from simply brushing your teeth with plain water.

5. Try disposable toothbrushes:- You would not need to worry about keeping them clean and dry if you have a supply of disposable toothbrushes while travelling.

6. Did you forget to carry a toothbrush? :- Rinsing vigorously with water to wash away the stuck food particles help in keeping your mouth clean. Toothpaste applied on a finger tip or clean cloth can also help.

Travel Tips for Dental Care toothpaste

7. Carry a pack of sugar-free gums:- Chewing sugar free gums helps in reducing cavities. They also help in relieving the ear pressure while on flight. Chewing a sugar-free gum for about 20 minutes after a meal maintains the flow of saliva in mouth thus preventing the cavities.

8. Take care of the water:- Avoid using local water when you’re not sure of it and try using bottled water for brushing as well.

9. Eat healthy snacks:- Avoid eating too much sugary or sticky snacks while you travel because it’s not always possible to clean your teeth every time you eat. Replace sugar candies with fruits and bottled juice with plain water.

10. Through cleaning before you hit the bed:- Since the oral health had been ignored all day long while travelling, make sure you give ample time for cleaning your teeth and tongue before sleeping. Carry a mouthwash as well.

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