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"We have an expertise in all fields of Dentistry and are extremely dedicated to provide best dental treatment line up to our patients."

Our Dental Services

We rank among the Top 5 Dental Clinics in Patna and have been serving for the last 6 years with excellent track records. We have a team of the Best Dentists in Patna, specializing in different treatment modalities. Our patients have rated us as the most trusted team of Dentists in Patna by leaving the maximum number of positive feedback on Google and different other platforms.

Single sitting root canal treatment the tooh dctors
Root Canal Treatment

Fed up of visiting your dentist multiple times for a root canal?

Now you can get your root canal treatment done in one sitting.

Dental Implants  the tooth doctors
Dental Implants

Offering a range of implants from most affordable to the gold standard. Implants for every situation and every pocket at The Tooth Doctors, the best solution till date for missing teeth replacement. 

Orthodontic Treatment.jpg
Orthodontic Treatment

We at The Tooth Doctors know how to straighten things!

So brace yourself and correct your crooked teeth arrangement.

All Major & Minor Oral Surgeries

Get painless wisdom teeth removal! All cases of trauma, fracture, cyst and other major and minor oral surgeries done here with ultimate precision using latest technologies.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation.jpg
Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Optimize the health of your entire mouth, including your teeth, gums, bite and aesthetics. A combination of dental services which will improve your oral health, all under one roof.

Zirconia Crown & Bridge.jpg
Dentures, Crown & Bridges

Get the most natural looking dental prosthesis to replace your missing teeth at an affordable price! From flexible dentures to zirconia crowns, a vast array of prosthesis available with us.

teeth whitening the tooth dctors
Teeth Whitening

What shade are you?

Nobody judges you by the colour of your skin, but everyone does by the colour of your teeth. Our teeth whitening treatment option is best for those who want whiter teeth. 

Pediatric Dentistry.jpg
Pediatric Dentistry

A place where children laugh with their dentists! Pediatric dentistry is the most challenging work as your kid won't let just anyone to come near and perform treatment. We at The Tooth Doctors, provide the best possible care to your kid in the most friendly manner. 

Complete Diagnosis

 We Listen To Our Patient's Problems! Our diagnosis process starts with listening to our patient’s problem in detail and understand their need. Next, a thorough check up of the patient is performed by our specialists. Needful radiographs are taken and tests are conducted. After the doctors are done with these procedures, they come up with a proper diagnosis. Based upon this diagnosis, treatment options are suggested. We make sure our patients understand the treatment process and its outcome with the help of illustrations, study models and audio visuals aids. 

Smile Designing.jpg
Smile Designing

Hollywood smile is now a reality!

Improve your smile to look, feel and function better!

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