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Oral Surgery

Tooth Extractions and Impaction


The most common indication of tooth extraction is decayed tooth causing pain and which cannot be treated by any other treatment modality. Others may include extraction of an impacted third molar/wisdom tooth, orthodontic extraction, retained deciduous tooth extraction etc.

What is an Impacted Tooth?

The most common impacted tooth is the third molar or wisdom tooth which fails to erupt in the proper position in mouth and pose problems in chewing, causes cheek bite, pain or swelling in the surrounding gums, teeth and soft tissues. Removal of an impacted tooth is a minor surgical procedure done on a dental clinic under local anaesthesia. Treatment of an impacted tooth is advised even in the absence of any symptom to prevent future complications.

Dental Implants


Dental implants are the most effective treatment for  a missing tooth replacement in which an implant post is placed in the jaw bone over which artificial tooth is made. For more details regarding dental implant, please visit our implant section.

Facial Fractures & Trauma


They comprise bones fractures anywhere on face including cheek bones, nasal bone, upper or lower jaws, bones around eyes, temple, etc. Any kind of trauma like road accidents, fights, fall, etc. cause fractures which require management and precise treatment in an infection free environment. We at The Tooth Doctors guarantee complete sterilisation and the most hygienic atmosphere.

Cancer, Tumour, Cyst, Biopsy


Oral cancer screening in time saves life! Management of all type of cysts, tumours are done here. 

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