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10 Reasons why The Tooth Doctors is the best dental clinic in Patna.

In addition to the state of the art treatment procedures and clinical services of all kinds of oral and dental problems, these are the exclusive top 10 reasons you’ve got to choose us over other dental clinics.

1. Infection-Free Environment

We practice extensive protocols for cleaning instruments and they go through 3 stages of sterilization before they touch the patients. At The Tooth Doctors, every instrument is sealed daily in sterile disposable pouches and remains packed until used. Complete Sterilization and Infection-Free Environment is out code of treatment protocol. We assure you won’t take infections home after dental treatments!

Infection free in the tooth doctors patna

2. Detailed Patient Counselling

We give much time in patient counselling before starting any treatment procedure. Every problem and treatment methods are explained with minute details to assure patient satisfaction and trust in us. We give our full time in answering every doubt and question you have in your mind. One-to-one discussing of a patient directly with our doctors in counselling room is mandatory before commencing any treatment procedure.

patient counselling

3. Booking Online Appointment

Now scheduling an appointment is just a click away from our website, Google, Facebook, JustDial and

Call/WhatsApp (96080-54321)

dental clinic online booking

4. Reminder Services

Appointment & Medication Reminders are made via Texts & Calls. Now never forget an appointment or miss a medicine dose. Our dedicated team of staff and assistants are always there to assist you in need.

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5. Assured Painless Treatment

Are you afraid of pain during dental treatments? No need to worry now! We assure absolute pain free dental treatments for everyone. Even the needles and injection systems used are of the finest gauge and quality which eliminates the pain to its maximum efficiency.

painless treatment

6. Zero Waiting Time

We maintain a strict appointment schedule and stick to it. No waiting time is lost when you visit us. If an appointment time has been scheduled to you, you will not have to wait for any minute before getting the treatment started. We value your time!

Zero waiting time