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Cosmetic Dentistry: Do You Want To Smile Like A Star?

Since eternally, humans have been in a relentless effort to look better and acceptable. While conventional dentistry caters everything like pain management and curing diseases, there’s a different section of dental treatment which focuses on improving looks and appearances. Cosmetic Dentistry is not a branch itself but includes specialties of several branches of dentistry mainly Orthodontics, Prosthodontics and Periodontics to correct patients’ teeth, gums, bite and smile.

Hollywood Smile is a Reality!

How to get that Hollywood Smile in Patna

Q: Unhappy with your smile? / Want a more beautiful smile?

A: Smile Designing/ Smile Correction

Q: Stained/Discolored Teeth?

A: Teeth Whitening/ Bleaching

Q: Dark colored gums?

A: Gum De-pigmentation

Q: Missing teeth?

A: Crowns and Bridges, Veneers, Bonding, Implants

Q: Crooked/Misaligned Teeth?

A: Orthodontic Treatments, Enameloplasty, Tooth Colored


Q: Over exposed gums?

A: Correction of Gummy Smile

Q: Want glittering crystals on your teeth?

A: Dental Jewelry!!

Smile Makeover in Patna

Perks of Having a Beautiful Smile!

Best place to get your smile corrected at Patna

You’re never fully dressed without a smile! It adds distinctly to your looks and makes a profound first impression. No amount of cosmetic will complete your personality without a beautiful smile. The teeth and gums support the facial bone and muscles in place making them look full and healthy. Any missing tooth (reduced support to facial muscles) may make the face look sunken creating folds or grooves and ageing prematurely. Treatments like dermal filler injections and expensive cosmetics will turn futile if the actual problem, the reduced lip support, is not corrected. Thus having a complete set of teeth in the dental arch with correct alignment is significant not only for proper functioning, but for a balanced overall appearance.

A beautiful smile is beyond just enhanced facial expression. It upsurges self confidence, may land you the dream job, creates perfect first impressions and many more. Brides nowadays don’t only book salons for their big day, but get a dental appointment as well! Dental makeover for the perfect bride!

Dr. Anjali Sinha - BDS | The Tooth Doctors Patna

Dr. Anjali Sinha

Chief Dental Consultant

The Tooth Doctors

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