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#1 Cleaning the teeth with finger & powder is better than with toothbrush.

REALITY: The toothbrush with bristles can wash plaque and food particles from almost all the surfaces of the teeth. The little finger might not exactly reach all the areas, brush does indeed. Hence, it is suggested to use a toothbrush to clean the tooth and freshen the oral cavity. Finger can only be applied to massage the gums after brushing is complete.

#2 Milk teeth need not be maintained because they last just for a few years, and these teeth will anyway be substituted by permanent teeth.

REALITY: Early loss of milk teeth will affect biting and affect the child’s nutrition. Early loss of "milk teeth" brings about drifting of the adjacent tooth and closure of some of the space which is needed for the succeeding permanent teeth to erupt into. Such a loss of space will cause the permanent tooth to erupt in abnormal position and bring crowding. Therefore milk teeth need to be looked after as much as permanent teeth.

#3 When the gums bleeds, it is advisable not to brush the teeth.

REALITY: Bleeding of gums is a sign that they are inflamed and are not healthy. This usually is because of plaque and food debris accumulating around the tooth. Until this collection is removed, the gums continue to bleed. This really is an indication that the person should visit a dental professional for treatment. Brushing your teeth with a soft toothbrush by following proper technique removes the plaque and helps the gums in recovery. Initial bleeding seen during brushing slowly but surely reduces over a period of time.

#4 Keeping an aspirin beside a painful teeth reduces the tooth pain.

REALITY: A toothache cannot be relieved by keeping an aspirin tablet anywhere in the mouth. In reality this is a dangerous habit as it triggers burns of the soft tissues around the area of placement. Hence, aspirin tablets should not be put in mouth but swallowed after eating some food to relieve the pain.

#5 Dental medications causes cerebral pains.

No headache due to dental medicines | The Tooth Doctors : Best dental clinic near RPS More

REALITY: This is a myth which is told and has no logical information by any stretch of the imagination. The dental medicines if done legitimately can't make any issues to the head.

#6 It's not safe to perform any dental procedure in pregnant women.

Periodic dental check-ups during pregnancy | The Tooth Doctors : Best dental care during pregnancy in Patna

REALITY: In case of excessive toothache caused because of grossly decayed tooth, emergency dental treatment should be done without any post operative complication or any harm to the pregnant women or the baby. Second trimester is considered to be the safest period for carrying out any dental procedure i.e. fourth to sixth month of pregnancy. Instead of ignoring, regular dental check-ups should be performed during pregnancy.

#7 Extraction can cause eye related problems.

REALITY: Generally there is a myth among many people that extraction of tooth influences vision. This is a misconception. Vision is not affected by any means at all in any respect by extraction of tooth.

#8 Getting your teeth cleaned by a dentist causes loosening of teeth, in between gaps & excessive wear off.

REALITY: Bad oral cleanliness brings about the evidences of calculus deposition on the tooth surface. These calculus stores disturb the gums causing irritation and bleeding. The gums may recede and the supporting bone will resorb and teeth turn out to be loose if these stores are not expelled in time. Cleaning of tooth reduces chances of destruction of supporting bone. Evacuation of calculus just helps to recover the strength of supporting structures. Yet in advance cases, when the calculus is removed the patients may encounter mobility of teeth. This mobility is transient and will diminish with the advancement of healing process.

The cause for gaps that are created after scaling is nothing but the spaces that were originally occupied by gums but due to calculus deposition, gums receded. After healing, these spaces are filled with healthy gums.

There is no evident loss in healthy tooth structure after scaling.

Thus, get your teeth cleaned every 6 months by your dentist without any fear. It will keep them healthy.

Dr. Nikita Rajan - BDS | The Tooth Doctors Patna

Dr. Nikita Rajan Dental Surgeon

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