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Best Dental Clinic in Patna

Freedom from DENTAL DISEASES had never been this easy!

Welcome to The Tooth Doctors, a remedial hub for healing all your dental problems.



Awarded Best Dental Clinic in Patna by Indian Dental Association, The Tooth Doctors is committed to relieving dental pain and curing diseases with utmost care and compassion. Our goal is to maintain your oral health, rehabilitate your failing oral and dental structures, and provide better aesthetics with a brand-new smile.


Starting off with Complete Diagnosis and Treatment Planning, our services range from Dental Implants, Dentures, Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Root Canal Treatment, Crown & Bridges, Painless Wisdom Teeth Extraction, All Major & Minor Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeries, Orthodontic Treatment, Teeth Whitening, Cosmetic Dentistry, Smile Designing and many more.

We rank among the Top 5 Dental Clinics in Patna and have been serving for the last 6 years with excellent track records. We have a team of the Best Dentists in Patna, specializing in different treatment modalities. Our patients have rated us as the most trusted team of Dentists in Patna by leaving the maximum number of positive feedback on Google and different other platforms.

How We Do

We believe that every patient has the right to be fully treated until they reach a biological, structural, functional and esthetical balance that they are looking for. In order to achieve the goal, we follow some basic steps described below.

Doctor's Appointment_edited.jpg

First Appointment



On the first day of your consultation, we will collect a complete data set of your dental and medical history to provide you with a proper diagnosis using modern equipment and X-Rays. Patients presenting with acute pain are provided with immediate painkillers for relief.


Treatment Planning:


A complete treatment planning of your dental issue is made and you are provided with every detail of your treatment plan taking into account your systemic health and medical contraindications. Thorough patient counseling is done to address all your queries like the number of sittings, duration of each sitting, pricing, alternate treatment options, medicines to be taken, post-operative care, and further investigations if needed. 



You receive a full estimate of your treatment charges in print from the start, even if it is a yearlong treatment plan allowing you to plan your financials accordingly. 


Scheduled Appointments

Appointment Scheduling:


You will be provided with a specific date and time for the next appointment in a multiple-sitting treatment plan. We run by a strict scheduled routine and the waiting time is almost negligible for our scheduled patients. Single sitting procedures can be done on the same day, depending upon the availability of free slots.  


Over-the-clock Assistance:


Every patient gets a reminder of his upcoming scheduled appointment over Call/WhatsApp, a day before. Any changes or the rescheduling of appointments are handled by the reception without any hassle. A reminder message to take prescribed medicines is sent to the patients. 

Dentist Appointment

Treatments & Execution

Solutions to your Problems:


1. That terrible toothache that you’ve been enduring since the last two days or two months no more needs over-the-counter medicine but a ROOT CANAL TREATMENT or EXTRACTION.

2. Ditch the gap between your teeth with an ORTHODONTIC treatment, VENEERS, or RESTORATIONS and reclaim the beautiful smile.

3. A missing tooth and difficulty in chewing is no more a problem with immediate/delayed DENTAL IMPLANTS and BRIDGES.

4. Preparing for your big day? Schedule an appointment for a complete smile makeover.

5. Failing dentition in an elderly patient can now be corrected by FULL MOUTH REHABILITATION gifting them new oral life.

6. We are your kids’ favourite dentists as we treat them in a kids-friendly environment gifting them little goodies after every happy appointment.

7. Do not miss your routine check-ups because in dentistry, a stitch in time saves nine!

Our Dental Services

Full mouth dental implants | Permanent Dentures | Dental implant clinic | Top implant clinic in Patna

Offering a wide range of dental implants from most affordable to the gold standard, we provide the best dental implant service in Patna. Now, say no to your old ill-fitting complete dentures!

Root canal treatment in Patna

Fed up of visiting your dentist multiple times for a root canal?

Now you can get your root canal treatment done in single sitting at a very affordable price.

Cosmetic Dentistry | Orthodontic treatment cost | Tooth whitening services | Gum surgery in Patna | Teeth Cleaning | Teeth Scaling | Dental Veneers

Hollywood smile is now a reality!

Improve your smile to look, feel and function better. Multidisciplinary dental planning and treatment including gum surgery, veneers, orthodontic treatment.

Why Choose Us

  • Assured Painless Treatment

  • Zero Waiting Time

  • Free In-house Digital X-Ray Facility

  • Telephonic Helpline

  • Open on SUNDAYS!

  • Online Appointment Booking

  • Reminder Services

  • Infection-Free Environment 

  • Flexible Payment Schemes 

Best Dental Hospital in Patna

Patient Awareness Blogs

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Teeth Cleaning / Scaling : How Important It Is?

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Tips to Prevent Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is one of the most frequently reported dental problems in a clinic. It may be as small as a symptomless black spot on the enamel surface or grossly decayed tooth in pain. Dental caries affects children and adult alike and is present.... 

What Makes a Dental Implant Costly?
What Makes a Dental Implant Costly?

Between dental bridges and implants, which one to choose? A complete guide to make wise decisions for your missing tooth replacement. The Tooth Doctors is there to help you out with your queries. Feel free to contact us for dental implants in Patna....

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